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Roof Debris and Gutter Cleaning in Waterloo, IL

roof debris gutter cleaning

I received a call from a longtime customer of mine, they would get a yearly house wash. They explained how a terrible storm hit and noticed water leaking into their basement. I instantly went to check on their problem, looking for cracks in the walls or old seals on the downstairs window, but I found nothing. While walking out I told them I didn't know what the problem was but would clear the roof of all the big branches and debris from the storm. When I got up the ladder I finally saw what was causing the water to get into the basement. Their gutters were completely full of water! So for the next hour, I cleaned all the leaves, gunk, and other debris clogging the downspout and gutters. After I cleaned the last handful of leaves, all the water flushed down the downspout and away far away from their basement.

This small gutter cleaning job could've just saved them thousands of dollars by preventing very expensive water damage. When I told them the good news they instantly signed up for my loyalty program. Now I am scheduled to clean their gutters 3 times a year.

Before we left I gave them a quote for gutter brightening, they accepted the price and couldn't be happier with the results.

Budget: $199


Client Review

Mac's Pressure Washing did a great job cleaning my gutters inside and out. They also removed all the branches and leaves off my roof. Since they came out, we haven't had any water problems in our basement. Would definitely recommend them!

- Sheila R

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