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Premium Pressure Washing Services Serving The Monroe County Area

Mac's Pressure Washing is the best pressure washing company available and we look forward to scheduling your next appointment!

Our quality work will ensure your property maintains the best curb appeal and the highest resale value. Give our Monroe County pressure washing professionals a call today to get a free quote for any of the quality services that we provide.

Pressure washing has the unique ability to transform your home from unsightly to stunning. Nothing else has a dramatic effect on the visual aesthetics and curb appeal of your home quite like a residential pressure washing service from our team of experts.

Mac's Pressure Washing is a professional pressure washing company that provides quality services to Monroe County and the surrounding area. We provide both residential and commercial pressure washing services


Towns We Proudly Wash

We serve the Monroe County area faithfully because our team is part of the community and we enjoy making a differnce for the home and business owners in the region. We proudly work with the following areas:


Our Core Pressure Washing Services

We supply a wide variety of pressure washing services; all carried out with exceptional results. We offer the following pressure-washing services for your home or business:

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Why Work With Us?

Working with a professional pressure washing company like Mac's Pressure Washing means you are getting the best results while having the best experience around. Our team is able to save you both time and money when we are the one performing your property's pressure washing. We are highly trained and therefore can complete the job in much less time than the average homeowner.

This is also how we will save you money. Renting the equipment necessary is pricey, and you may have to do so several times in order to get a fraction of the clean we can provide. We can create a sparkling surface of any kind that will last you longer than any DIY effort.


How Grime & Algae Can Affect Your Home

The layer of grime that collects on your home's surfaces can affect your property in many ways. The most obvious is how it can drastically impact the way your home and the surfaces surrounding it look. You may be aware of this, but did you know this can affect the value of your home? If you ever look to sell your home, this will lower the amount you will get from any buyers.

Additionally, the material that collects on the surfaces of your home and property can actually damage the surfaces themselves. Excess moisture is trapped by common contaminants and can wear away the integrity of anything from concrete to your house's siding.

How Often Should My Gutters Be Cleaned

It is recommended you clean your gutters twice a year, but you may consider cleaning them up to every three months, depending on the foliage deposits coming from your property. There are many benefits to having clean gutters, such as the following:

  • Reducing pests from standing water
  • Lowering the risk of fire
  • Increasing the visual appeal of your home
  • Preventing structural damage
  • Extending the lifespan of your gutters
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What Time Of Year Should I Schedule My Roof Cleaning Services?

It is a good practice to have your roof professionally cleaned a minimum of once a year. As for what time of year to get your roof cleaned, it is really dependent on your roof. It is recommended to get your roof cleaned around fall to prepare for winter, but, honestly, the best time to get your roof cleaned is when it needs it, so if you notice dark streaks or moss, contact Mac's Pressure Washing to schedule an appointment.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answer: Yes! Pressure washing is great for getting those stuck-on stains that have ruined the appearance of your concrete. These stains can also damage the integrity of your concrete and shorten its lifespan, meaning its very important that they are removed. Getting any concrete surface pressure washed is a great way to make your property look so much better. Luckily, we are able to remove stains with no problem with our expert pressure washing.

Answer: Unfortunately, this is true. Many people have dirty sidewalks and don't realize the threat that dirty sidewalks can present. It is very common for algae to grow on concrete. These are the slimy green stains that you often find in areas where excessive moisture is present. This can, of course, be very slippery and, therefore, dangerous to those who walk around your property. Removing algae is a cinch, though, when you have a sidewalk cleaning professional you can trust. Mac's Pressure Washing is that pressure washing company.

Answer: No, it isn't just dirt. While it is very common to have dirt on your roof, it tends to show up as discoloration of your shingles, while the black stains indicate something else. One culprit can be mold which can be caused by moisture collection. Additionally, there is blue-green algae (Gloeocapsa magma) which appears as dark streaks down the whole of your roof. Because this algae can trap moisture over time, if it isn't removed, it can wear down the integrity of your roof. This is why it is imperative you remove it. Through a process called soft washing, we are able to remove it to improve the appearance of your roof as well as protect your roof for the long run.

Answer: There are many reasons that a professional gutter cleaning is more beneficial than one completed by a homeowner. One reason is that a professional pressure washer will give you results you will be satisfied with. The team at Mac's Pressure Washing is trained to provide not only excellent results but ones that will last. We can provide you with a clean inside and out that will brighten your home as a whole. Another reason your shouldn't DIY your gutter cleaning is it can be dangerous. Climbing on your roof or ladder is dangerous, and this cleaning should be left up to the professionals.

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