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Signs Your Home Needs House Washing

House washing signs

There are many benefits to house washing, like protecting your house and making it more visually appealing, but it can be difficult to know when your home needs house washing. Luckily, we're here to tell you the signs to look out for when you need to call your pressure washing experts to get a team out there to work on your home. When you're looking for expert pressure washing in Columbia, Mac's Pressure Washing is the team for you.

Your Siding Is Discolored

You may notice that your siding is the color it used to be. Before you break out the paint, it could just be that you need house washing. There is a good chance that the discoloration has nothing to do with the paint but it is actually because you are viewing your siding through a layer of grime. House washing can gently remove all of the yuckiness on the surface to leave your siding looking bright and fresh, like a new coat of paint.

The Seasons Have Changed

While you don't need to house wash with every season change, the seasons can be a good marker of when it's time. Each season brings its own set of challenges that can affect the siding of your home. At the end of spring, you may find that there is significant pollen built up on your siding. The dryer months of summer may bring dirt that can coat your siding. Autumn brings leaves and debris, while the snow during winter may leave remnants of its own. Knowing the effect that each season will have on your home e is important for deciding the best time for your home to go through a thorough house washing.

You Notice Dark Streaks on Your Home's Siding

While discoloration is one issue your home will face, dark streaks are another matter entirely. Discoloration can come gradually from months or years of build-up, while black or green streaks can seem to appear out of nowhere. So what are the suspicious patches? Generally, they are algae generated by excessive moisture that has been collected on your siding. While the algae itself is usually harmless, the moisture it traps beneath it can do damage. Not to mention it just doesn't look very nice. If you are fed up with these streaks and can't seem to get rid of them, contact Mac's Pressure Washing for your house washing today.

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